Welcome to The Next Step

We are an international group (formed since 2011) for women who have school-aged children here in Brabant. Goodbye nappies and sleepless nights, hello to embracing a clear mind ready to think about yourself again.  Maybe your kids have been off your hands for a while and you need to boost your social life? Perhaps you’ve just arrived in the area and don’t know many people? It could be that you have a foot in both camps with one at school and a preschooler still lurking about. Any of that sound familiar?

Our aim is to provide a social opportunity to women of these descriptions. The Next Step is completely about you, as a woman in your own right and not being wholly defined by your children. As a result, our events will be only for women! Yes, that’s correct, all of our events are child-free. So…what can you do? We suggest you dust off your handbag and come out for a good time with us!

What’s in it for you?
Meeting up regularly ~ dinner, drinks, walks, cinema, the odd weekend excursion…your ideas will always be considered! It’s a great excuse to explore new cafes or experience something different to do.

Online contact ~ via our Facebook page (closed) you can post any question about living here, share a fab tip, put the word out that you’re going for coffee somewhere. It’s also great for some light hearted interaction!